Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Upper Deck Award Fiasco

Well, Upper Deck has done it again. This has been written about millions of times over I'm sure but whatever, I'm writing about it now.

Upper Deck feels that it's a good idea to give an award to the best community, blog, and something else that I currently forgot about. Was this initial idea a good one? I believe so. Someone has finally gone to the blogs/forums and become involved with them. But, as with all good ideas, the bad parts are coming out.

I'm not quite sure how they came to pick certain sites to nominate. My favorite was not nominated but I don't think it matters anyway as nobody there cares a whole heck of a lot for modern cards. I did make one vote though to a site for Aussies. Why? Well, because I like the name and I decided to vote that way after reading all the nonsense on and What has happened between these two sites is downright pathetic. It's the equivalent of a schoolyard argument. Each is accusing the other of multiple voting from the same people, going onto each others boards and taunting, and even trying to bribe people to bid more! I think that Freedom has shown a very low level of class during this whole process. And for what? To receive an award from a company that lies, scams, and cheats? I'd be better off winning a pizza from the Mafia.

In any event, the idea was good but the people voting once again ruin it. They act like children and think that if each person votes every hour, that means they have the best site. No guys, not really. It just means you have the most amount of useless time on your hands. Then again, there was a thread on FCB about people trying to lose weight. There are a few too many that need to get their butts out of their chairs, put the baseball cards away, and go exercise. It's cardboard people, not life.